GUEST POST: The Beatitudes – a Mystic Reinterpretation

Today’s post is a guest post by Casey Cruver and it is wonderful. She blogs at, and can be found on twitter @ccruver93. I present to you words that will hopefully uplift your spirit from Matthew 5 but reinterpreted in a new light.
The Beatitudes – A Mystic Reinterpretation by Casey Cruver


When Jesus saw all the people following him, he felt overwhelmed and retreated up the mountain for some alone time.  After he finally got settled, his friends found him and joined him anyway.  So he decided to teach them, and this is what he taught:
Blessed are those of you who aren’t sure if God even exists, because the kin-dom of heaven belongs to you too – as we are all one family.
Blessed are those of you who have experienced trauma and tragedy, for you are deeply loved, and healing will come in time.
Blessed are those of you who are kind and only use what you need, because you are the caretakers of the earth and all who reside here.
Blessed are those of you who are desperate for justice, because pursuing it will make it a reality.
Blessed are those of you who are compassionate and empathetic, for God will care for you and hold you close.
Blessed are those of you who slow down, be still, and center yourself – in that moment you will experience divine love.
Blessed are those of you who build bridges and make peace, for you truly get what God is all about.
Blessed are those of you who are hurt by others when doing God’s work of pursuing justice, because you understand that this is how we bring heaven to earth and reunite us all as one family.
You are blessed when people badmouth you or try to shame you for standing up for what God cares about: love, justice, and peace.  You can smile and know that you’re not alone.  Your work brings heaven to earth as a state of being, not a separate, future location.  You stand with all those who came before you as a part of God’s family working to bring peace, love, and kindness to the world.

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