Drops in the Ocean

I love deep conversations. They keep me going and make me feel alive. Recently I had an hours long conversation with a close friend about what our “core” values are and why we stand for what we stand for, why we do what we do, and why we believe what we believe. So many people and so many experiences shape us. Our culture shapes us. Our religion shapes us.

And for me, I struggle with finding out what one core thing is my thing–my reason for doing everything I do and taking a stand against homophobia, sexism, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, racism, etc. I know that those are all important things for me to talk about, but I don’t know the ultimate why of it all. I do know I care deeply–more deeply than most people.

Sometimes I think that’s my Christian background being reaffirmed in coming to grips with who Jesus actually is instead of who my church, parents, or school said he was. Yet, I’ve always been…different. I don’t know why God made me different. I just know that I am. And it makes me more passionate about helping others who are different.

I never fit in growing up. I’m not meant to, I don’t think, and I probably never will. I’m a queer woman, feminist, gentle person, animal lover, people lover.  I often care about things that most people wouldn’t give a second thought. This doesn’t make me anything special. I’ve been abused and targeted for abuse because of being all those things listed above. This makes me more compassionate and empathetic.

It makes me see people for who they really are. Sometimes it seems I know how to love others better than I know how to let others love me. So…I don’t know what my ONE THING is. Not in one word or one phrase. but I do know this:

You are alive. The fact that you are alive means something to me. You have worth and value, and there is hope coursing through your veins.

You. are. alive. Therefore, you have purpose. You matter. And you should be treated like you matter.

And because you are alive, I love you. I may not know you, but I will try my hardest to see you as a person even if no one else sees you. You make this world brighter by lighting up the darkest parts of who you are.

You are here. Your very existence means you are magnificent. Beautiful. Fantastic.

Because YOU ARE ALIVE. You have a beating heart, air in your lungs–gasping for meaning beyond yourself–bigger than you’ll ever know or imagine.

You are one drop of water causing a ripple throughout the vast ocean of life. You are alive. You deserve a world that sees you as you are and loves you just for being you.


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