the color of thunder

The color of thunder.

lightning splitting the sky asunder

and then, thunder

The sound of lightning and yet its own thing

The color of thunder:

dark clouds descending on a sunny day–

bringing beautiful destruction–

bleak, gray, unsettling.

the color of thunder–

my troubled soul–

sinking into chaos

as the storm rages on inside me,

bringing wind and heavy raindrops.

the color of thunder:

that deep rumbling that is

the encore to bright electric streaks across the sky…

my world, my heart.

the color of thunder is me.

I flinch at the sound, and it leaves me trembling.

I cannot take another shot in the dark.

it will break me.

I do not know who I am yet.

only bits and pieces of me,

like a frantic puzzle coming together

and then being shattered apart again like a broken mirror.

I used to see my reflection

but it’s only a shadow of who I really am:

silent yet screaming

awake yet still screaming

that the world is better than it is.

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