The Silence is deafening

Orlando. I love you. I love you and I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry for what has happened. The Pulse was supposed to be a place of refuge and safety for people who don’t otherwise feel safe. As if the LGBTQ community didn’t have enough pain in its history…this. We all hurt. We’re all angry. I don’t have the right words. It hurts too much. It hurts so much. But what adds to that hurt is that so many Christians are saying nothing. And that I do have the words for:

Do you want us dead?

Because you could have said:

I’m sorry. I love you. And I stand with you.

But, no. Instead. . .

You have capitalized on our grief.

You weep for a moment

But then with a sigh of relief,

You move on. You go on with your life. And you go on.

You go on and on and on telling us our deaths are our own faults.

You tell us that we are less than you.

And when you’re through, you step over our dead bodies

And you go back to screaming in our faces about our “sin.”

You don’t get to mourn for us in our dying

When you didn’t care about us in our living.

Fuck you.

Maybe one day we’ll forgive you.

But right now, not right now.

Do not mourn for people in their deaths

When you couldn’t love them in life.


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