Laugh so you don’t cry

I had planned on this being a lighter, more humorous post, but I’m not quite sure that’s the direction it will go. We’ll see šŸ™‚
I have a hard time writing about happy things. It seems it’s easier to harp on pain and sadness, than happiness and good times. But I should work on that. I love to laugh. I love finding humor in everything–even the most tragic things.
This life is beautiful…and I love it. Even if it’s hard, I love it. And it’s so incredibly funny sometimes. It’s funny when a co-worker has to explain the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek to someone…the blank stare that ensued was priceless
It’s funny when I can’t remember things because I have short term memory issues, and it ends up being hilarious that I don’t know all the names of the Beatles.
It’s funny when my pet rabbit Neville becomes Thumper. Bambi makes so much more sense now. I guess Disney did their research. It’s adorable when a bunny yawns or licks my hand or does all manner of really adorable things.
Seriously though, having pets is the best. Having something living that depends on me and is so cute…Image081920151901111
So, for these positive things I am thankful. I am thankful for life. For my family. For my friends. I am thankful that I can write. I think if I stopped writing, I just might stop breathing. That’s mostly poetic, but it motivates me to get my thoughts out there even if no one ever reads what I write. I am thankful for laughter. It’s the music of the soul.

One thought on “Laugh so you don’t cry

  1. Well said. I need to remind myself constantly not to take life so seriously. Laughter is good medicine, a great gift from God. I sometimes wonder if he laughs at things I do.


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