The Introduction

The Taming of the Misconstrued is more or less a blog about misconceptions I see American Christians projecting into this world, and the thoughts I have concerning the issues I see. This is a journey of sorts as well for me. I am a Christian, and have grown up in a Christian home. Whatever thoughts that brings up for those of you reading who are not Christians are quite interesting, I’m sure.

There is a struggle today among Christians to orient their faith with their actions. I am one of those Christians who sees Christians doing one thing but saying something completely different. I see so much hate from a group of people that talks about love so frequently. And so when the rest of the world says we’re intolerant, I can understand where they’re coming from.

This is a blog about correcting some of the misconceptions about Christianity that the world has seen recently. What Jesus Christ said His followers should do and what many are doing don’t line up. I’m by no means an expert on the subject, but I have been hurt enough by church and Christians to pull away for a bit and reexamine my faith. For those who have been harshly treated and judged and hated by Christians, I want to sincerely apologize. But I know that doesn’t make up for the pain you have felt from us because you believe differently or live differently.

Maybe, just maybe, this blog can provide healing for Christians and non-Christians alike. That is my purpose for writing. And hopefully I can provide stimulating conversation and food for thought through writing this. Thank you for listening.

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